(MP) Weekend activities :)

Date : Mar 18′ 12

This weekend was started with me watching Japanese dorama, both from the DVD and from internet website  And then at Saturday night, with my cousin, Kiki, I went to Taman Ismail Marzuki to watch a theater performance “Sie Jin Kwie di Negeri Sihir (Sie Jin Kwie in The Land of Magic)”, the last part of Sie Jin Kwie Trilogy. This last part of Sie Jin Kwie trilogy is presented for a whole month until March 31st by Teater Koma as a part of the 35 years anniversary of Teater Koma.

“Sie Jin Kwie in The Land of Magic is the final part of the Sie Jin Kwie trilogy. This is also the story of Sie Teng San, Sie Jin Kwie’s son., and Hwan Li Hoa, a mighty female general of Tartar. In the prophecies, Teng San and Li Hoa were meant to be together, but their path to happiness was filled with trials and tribulations which, instead, gave birth to a tragedy”.

(Quoted from the guidance book)

Though I didn`t watch the first and second part of the trilogy, this last part was interesting enough for me. Especially for the funny dialogues and the player of Sie Teng San character….He is handsome 😀

Then, in Sunday afternoon, I finally met my ex elementary and junior high school friend, after 18 years, Erry. It was a very pleasant meeting. We talked a lot, about our childhood memories and of course our current news. And I made a promise that our next meeting will be in Bandung when I visit her. I hope I can fulfill this promise, dear Erry, as soon as possible 🙂

Alhamdulillah, what a happy weekend indeed ^^

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