Lessons in life

Got this from a friend`s tweet and all of the points are the opposites of me 😀 So, I think I need to do all of the points there in order not to messing up my life. And to remain me, I decided to re-post this in my blog 🙂

The tittle said that there were 10 points of them, but there are only nine items written on the picture. I have tried to find out the source on my tweets friend, but unfortunately I forgot who tweeted this picture yesterday 😦

So, here are the 9 simple ways to save yourself from messing up your life :


2 thoughts on “Lessons in life

  1. kak icuuuut, makan siang aida hari ini adalah tulisan k icut, jadi keinget buat diri sendiri not to mess up my life today, hhehe jadinya hari ini rada bete, kepala pusing dan berasa banyak aja yang salah hari ini dan bikin bad mood, sambil makan siang baca tulisan ini,,,eh jadi keingetin..hihihihi

    • Aidaaaa, makasih ya udah sempetin baca 🙂 Terharu k Icut…Semoga hari Aida hari ini berakhir dengan bahagia ya :*

      K Icut juga udah baca posting Aida terakhir lho 🙂 Tapi gak bisa komen…Apa harus pake ID twitter ya kayak Aida komen di sini?

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