#30dayswritingchallenge Day 18: 30 facts about myself

Kalau untuk tema ini saya mau ngelanjutin dan update aja dari postingan yang ini

  1. My blog`s name is “Pinku Onna”. The reason behind this name is actually simple. Pinku means Pink in Japanese, and Onna means Woman in Japanese. My favorite color is Pink, and I am a woman, so I am a “Pinku Onna” aka “Pink Woman” 🙂
  2. Love Japan so much and have a dream to work and stay there someday in the future 🙂 Amen…
  3. I do not like make up. And for everyday make up and also party make up I only use compact powder and lipstick 😀 If I wear a full make up at a party, it means that my sister in laws helped me to do the make up 🙂 *Love you, my sis in laws :** *Ini kayak yang saya ceritain di sini juga :D*
  4. I use the same hijab`s style for everyday`s activities or party since I wear it for the first time in 2005 😀 I only wore a stylish hijab in my big brothers and little brother wedding reception 😀
  5. Don`t have high heel shoes 😀
  6. Love to watch Japanese dorama before going to sleep in the night. And my favorite Japanese actor is Takenouchi Yutaka 🙂
  7. Beside working as Japanese translator and interpreter, I also love teaching. And I have a dream to make a Japanese language course (Or Indonesian language course if I have the opportunity to live in Japan in the future) someday 🙂 *Updated: Now I’m in career changing mode from Japanese Translator and Interpreter, but I still have the same dream to have the opportunity to live and work in Japan someday 🙂
  8. In this WFH period, I love doing online activities like I’ve told you here before 🙂
  9. And also begin to learn about cooking 🙂
  10. Definitely want to pass the highest level of this test 🙂
  11. To pass the test above, now I also love to learn Japanese by online 🙂
  12. When I want to study at night, my sleepy mode is always win 😀
  13. My favorite singer (Group) is KAHITNA.
  14. I have ambivert personality 🙂
  15. Like to learn foreign language, but now I’m focusing in my Japanese and English proficiency.
  16. My favorite Japanese food is tempura.
  17. Someday, want to take and pass this test too.
  18. #Notstirredchickenporridgeteam
  19. I would love to have my own apartment someday 🙂
  20. I miss being living alone in the apartment and wondering around my apato and Tokyo on weekend like I had done 10 years ago 🙂
  21. I miss stamping my passport 🙂
  22. I miss to do the preparation to go abroad and take a ride in an airplane.
  23. In this pandemic time, I love doing WFH because I can be with my mom for 24 hours 7 days a week 🙂
  24. I love romantic comedy movie or TV series 🙂
  25. Gaining more fat in this WFH 😀
  26. Subscribe a lot Youtube channel to learn Japanese online and to do sport 😀
  27. Really want to have a weekend gate away to Changi 😀
  28. Left handed person.
  29. A little slow learner and when learning something, I am an audio visual person. That’s why I like to subscribe Japanese lesson channel on Youtube.
  30. Love cold tea and cold coffee milk so much and always prepare these drink in my refrigerator 🙂

3 thoughts on “#30dayswritingchallenge Day 18: 30 facts about myself

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